The Wedding Tree

Wedding Tree metal sculpture

The wedding tree symbolizes the birth and growth of two individuals whose lives are separate until they have grown and begun to mature. At a certain time their lives begin to intertwine. A special closeness develops until they find themselves welded together in marriage. Their lives now have become as one and they continue to grow together, gaining strength one from another, being stronger as a team to weather the storms of life.

The mighty oak long has represented strength, durability, and quality; something capable of lasting through the ages. The love of the couple who will now possess this special symbol, will also grow and strengthen if they will give nourishment to their tree and have the tenacity to never give up when the storms of life beat upon them. The trials and tribulations of life can be for our benefit if we endure them well, gaining strength of character in the process.

The oak tree that has inspired the artist, Walt Mendenhall, to create the wedding tree is a real Oregon White Oak located between Sheridan and McMinnville, Oregon, on Hwy 18 just East of Bellview. It is located out in a field all by itself. It is in actuality two trees that appear as one, just as the wedding tree does.

Walt’s daughters, Tricia and Shelley, asked him to make them a replica of the tree for their wedding presents. They wanted the oak to be another symbol of their desire for an eternal marriage. Walt made the first two for them and now has decided to continue making the tree as an inspiration for other couples who also wish to have a marriage as enduring as that of the mighty oak.

Each tree is hand made out of steel by Walt and has his signature built into the branches. A special custom feature of each piece is a heart built into the design with the names of the wedding couple and the date of the wedding welded into the heart. This is done as the tree is being made and so cannot be changed or added later, making your tree truly unique.

Two sizes are currently available:

20″H x 20″W (approx. size) $1200.00
14″H x 14″W (approx. size) $600.00

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